Pros and Cons of Different Video Editors


When making a movie or a video, the most important step is, of course, editing it. You can’t just take a bunch of raw footage and export it without tweaking it!

When it comes to editing, you’ll come across dozens of video editing software, either free or paid. Naturally, the ones you will find will be generally good, however, one piece of software can’t do everything you want it to do – or it can be just too hard to get into.

Therefore, in the article of today, we will take some good video editors that can be found out there and tell you their pros and cons. This way, we hope that we’ll make it easier for you to choose one of them.

Let’s start!

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

When it comes to editing in general, the Adobe products have become a standard for the industry. They are widely acclaimed as being the best at what they do. However, they do come with advantages and disadvantages – therefore, let’s see the pros and cons of Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


  • It has a flexible and clear interface; it’s very user-friendly and a beginner wouldn’t have much trouble with learning how to use it in a short amount of time.
  • It has a great number of organizational tools; with their help, you will be able to keep track of different parts of your project, without having them all mixed up in a single place.
  • Speed – this one is very important when it comes to video editors, as it can make the work process much faster, obviously.
  • This software is considered as having ultimate power over video editing, mainly because of the feature it comes with; it offers unlimited multi-cam angles, and it is also well optimized and stabilized.


  • It offers no keyword tagging for the media.
  • More advanced video editing techniques will require the purchase and installation of other software, such as SpeedGrade or After Effects.

Overall, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the best video editors on the market – it offers its user everything he or she needs to edit a video or film while keeping the interface clean and intuitive.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel has also been on the market for a really long time when it comes to video editing. Their software is mostly known for being packed up with a lot of features – features that are fairly easy to grasp by beginners, but which also make this software a good choice for the professionals out there.


  • A large number of tools for video creation, some of which are also funny. We wouldn’t want the entire video editing industry to be too serious, right?
  • When it comes to interface, it’s almost as simple and clear as in the case of our previous software. It’s intuitive and easy to understand; therefore newbies won’t have any trouble learning where everything is located.
  • Now, when it comes to supported media, it has almost everything you’d wish for: 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and 360-degree VR – which other software out there don’t have yet.
  • In terms of other significant features, the software comes equipped with a stop-motion tool, multi-cam editing, and the Multipoint Motion tracking. You can find in it everything you need to make your video look and feel as professional as possible.


  • Quite slow rendering speeds – reportedly, the rendering speed of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is almost halved when compared to our previous entry on this list.
  • There is no way to search for media or effects from within the video editor.
  • You can only have up to 20 video overlay tracks.

Even though it’s a bit more expensive than the first software of this article, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate compensates with the number of features it comes equipped with – a lot, trust us.

CyberLink PowerDirector

This software from CyberLink is deemed as the most capable and fastest video editor out there – especially at the consumer-level mark. It is well-known that PowerDirector is usually one of the first software to implement support for the new formats that appear.


  • It is one speedy video editor, providing you with fast rendering.
  • It has a clear interface, responsive and quite intuitive – perfect for consumers.
  • When it comes to 360-degree videos, the PowerDirector has the most editing capabilities when compared to other video editing software.
  • In terms of notable features, it comes equipped with screen recording, multi-cam editing, motion tracking – always nice to have it -, and 4K and 3D capability.


  • You can’t trim videos in the source panel.
  • It comes equipped with a lot of functions, however, this is not always a good thing, as these can overwhelm the interface and cause confusion.
  • While it has a lot of capabilities for 360-degree videos, this software can’t output this type of projects to H.265.

Overall, PowerDirector is a strong piece of software – even if it’s equipped with so many features and capabilities, it is still able to render your projects faster than most video editors out there.

These were the pros and cons of some of the best video editors on the market. Of course, you may have your favorite, but seeing what the best ones have – or don’t have – will teach you what to look for in video editors. A comparison always comes in handy, right?

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