3 Iconic Movies Best for Film Essays

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The important question is, what movies should you write about? If you’re a movie buff, then this is an easy task. But if you’re not that familiar with historical or iconic movies, it can be challenging.

We’ve come up with three interesting movie titles below you can check out. These are three of the best films to cover when writing a film critic or film review.



3 of the Best Movies That You Can Use for Your Film Essay


  1. Gone with the Wind

Directed by Victor Fleming, the film is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. It has dominated both Canada and the United States with estimated admissions of 202,286,100. At the box office, it garnered around  $390 million.

Gone with the Wind had its release on December 15, 1939. It’s an epic civil war drama focusing on  Scarlett O’Hara, a southern belle. Portrayed by Vivien Leigh, she strives to survive the tragic history of the south. It is set on a sprawling plantation during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

O’Hara deals with love affairs with Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler. Each played by Leslie Howard and Clark Gable in sequence.

Critics have reviewed the film as one destined for record-breaking box office hits. Others see it as well made and is a good watch for those who love romance and historical movies. Treated as a classic, critics hailed the movie as showing the best of American cinema.


  1.  The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese directed this movie, which was shown on December 17, 2013. The movie is also based on a book of the same name by Jordan Belfort.

The movie is set in 1987. This is where Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, takes a job at the Wall Street brokerage firm. In his 20s, Belfort is able to start his own firm named Stratton Oakmont in 1990. He works together with his lieutenant, played by Jonah Hill, with a group of brokers.

By means of defrauding wealthy investors, Belfort is able to make huge profits. He gains millions from his plight and continues with a life of sex, drugs, and parties. This is where the SEC and the FBI start closing in on him. The film centers on overthrowing Belfort and his new empire.

According to critics, this movie is intoxicating. Some view it as a movie that can make you think, wince, laugh, and even growl. It’s also seen as one of Scorsese’s most focused and funniest films.


  1. Crash and Do the Right Thing

The movie is under the direction, production, and even the writing of Spike Lee. Its release was on May 19, 1989, in Cannes. This is an American comedy-drama film starring Lee himself.

The story is about the racial tension brewing in the Brooklyn neighborhoods. This then culminates violence and even death right in the middle of summer.

What makes this film interesting is its commercial success and many praises. It garnered various nominations from the Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay.

Often times, it is also listed as one of the greatest films of all time. In 1999, the Library of Congress coined the film as “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.”

It was also selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. This all happened in its first year of eligibility.



Writing Your Film Essay

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices of great films to cover, it’s time to write. It helps when you list down notes while watching the movie. Another tip that can help is rewatching the film more than once.

It may seem like a lot of work, but if you watch the film from various perspectives, it gives you new information. You can watch the film for its plot, for its characters, for the cinematography, and so on. You are free to choose which area you wish to focus on to deliver the right message in your paper.



The Theme of Your Film Essay

What is the theme of your essay? It helps when you write a draft beforehand. This helps in organizing your thoughts and making sure that you put in all the details.

If you have arguments or points that you wish to explain, having a theme helps direct your topic. It can set the tone and even set the expectations of the reader. Treat your readers as people who haven’t watched the film yet.

Tell your message through your essay as if you’re telling them the story for the first time. Through this, you’ll find that your words become more convincing and strong.



The Finishing Touches

Once done with your draft, it’s safe to say now that “I can pay someone to write my paper,” which can also mean having it double-checked by a professional.

Professional writing services are good options. Make sure that your paper has been thoroughly checked before submitting it. Don’t forget to make it interesting to stand out from the rest of the essays.




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