How to Structure a Movie Essay

A movie essay is one of the most entertaining pieces of literature you can write. It combines passion, art, and entertainment, thereby making this an interesting project. You may be assigned to watch a film or you can choose your own movie. Regardless of its genre, concept, quality, or execution, just pick a film that you know you will love writing an essay on.


In terms of structure, an essay about a movie follows the format of the film itself. This is how it is usually written:


  1. The introduction of the movie essay


The introduction of a movie as he is essentially like a logline about the film. It includes a short description of the plot, a sentence about how your essay relates to your theme, and a preview of your conclusion. Do not write about the introduction of the film itself because that is meant for another section.


  1. The body of your movie essay


The body of the movie essay consists of several items. These include:


  1. The introduction of the movie plot


When discussing the introduction of your movie essay, it is best to discuss how this part of the movie shapes the rest of the film. You may also add in your two cents on how the introduction relates to the theme of your topic. For example, if you are discussing how the movie affects society, then you may write about how the introduction will affect society within the movie.


  1. The characters of the movie


The characters of the movie usually include a protagonist and antagonist. Sometimes, this person is one and the same. When discussing characters, it is not necessary to describe their appearances unless it is necessary for the theme of your topic. The best way to write about the characters of the movie in an essay like this is for you to explore their personalities, their values, their morals, etc. In some cases, you may have to write about their culture and how their existence affects the people around them.


  1. The goals of the main characters


Ideally, this is the section that will help you formulate a constructive argument for the theme and the discussion that you want to include in your essay. The goals of the characters essentially make up the entire plot of a film. Whatever it is they are searching for or whatever they want to do will define the entire story. Since you know the ending of the film after watching it, you now have the information you need to write your conclusion. Before that, you must discuss how the process of reaching these goals affected the flow of the film and the actions of the characters. It can also include changes in the setting or environment.


  1. The plot and climax of the film


The plot is the most important section that you must discuss in your essay. Even so, this section can be short and simple. You only need to discuss how the plot affects your conclusion. The climax, however, must be discussed in a way that helps you defend your argument. Whatever big event that happened during the film must be related to the outcome of your discussion and conclusion.


  1. The conclusion of your movie essay


Depending on the topic you chose, the conclusion of your essay must either solve a problem, defend a belief that you derived from watching the film or support a concept that defines the movie. The conclusion needs to be concise and straight to the point. Summarise the most important parts of the body of your essay and then support your creams with the information at hand.


Structuring Your Essay For Finalization


Just follow the enumeration of the sections above and you can successfully structure your essay without any problem. You can change the sequence of the body, but keep the introduction and conclusion in place. Remember to write about your views and understanding of the film. Avoid referring to existing reviews and watch the film as many times as you can to better understand your subject.


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