6 Top Best Movies About Writers You Should Watch

No matter the reason for writing, composing holds a unique fascination for both the writers and those who think that they cannot do it. There have been several films over the years that usually make writers and the writing process their focus. They range from a variety of stories from true life biographies to the fictitious stories.

As a student, whether you want to be a journalist, novelist, bloggers, screenwriters, or poets, here is a list of films about writers that you must watch. You will get inspired by the content.

  • Misery (1990)

Misery is all about a writer’s worst nightmare that is brought on the screen. It is a thriller that starts when a romantic author Paul Sheldon is involved in a car crash on a road alone. He is rescued by Annie Wilkes, who is a nurse and takes him to her home. He eventually finds that switching careers will be more difficult than he had originally thought.

One thing that you can learn from this film is that as a writer, some fans might be crazy. They may take everything that you write seriously. As a writer, you have a big responsibility since your writing can affect those who read it.

  • Adaptation (2002)

This is all about a writer known as Charlie Kaufman. He explains his real-life attempts to adapt Susan Orlean. He transferred his own stories and emotions into the script; the best part about this film is that it all deals with a man who is taking control of his life.

When he was writing the story, he was worried about ruining his career by either straying too far from the source material. As a writer, you can put yourself into your writing by creating stories in your own world. You need to put your mind and souls into every sentence and every word that you write.

  • Midnight in Paris (2011)

Gil Pender is a very successful but very unhappy writer. He writes his first novel while he was in Paris with his fiancée. The movie illustrates how his fiancée is not supportive of his work; this makes him draw motivation from famous writers.

When you are a writer, you will find a lot of writing advice and discouragement. You should also know that there is no bad subject to write about and you can write about anything.

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  • Spotlight Trailer 1(2015)

This film captures an artist Tommy Wiseau’s writing process as he struggles to make the writing room a reality. Writing can be a very frustrating and isolating process that eventually pays off when people recognize what you have written. The process of getting your words understood is lengthy and frustrating when you try to get people to care.

  • Finding Forester (2000)

Jamal Wallace, a gifted inner-city teen, befriends an author, William Forrester, who helps him to develop his writing talents. When you watch this film, you can learn so many things. You will learn that a mentor is essential and that you share your work with the world.


These are top movies about writers that you should watch. When will you be inspired and ready to start your writing career?

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