If your answer is still yes, good. If you think that you can absolutely know that that’s true, that’s as it should be, and it’s fine to move on to question 3.

The Deepest Well by Nadine Burke Harris

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Hard When You’re Really Not in the Mood

Motivation is rather elusive, isn’t it? Some days you feel it, and other days you can’t grab a measly corner of it no matter how hard you try. You stare at the computer screen, willing yourself to type, create, develop, and instead you find yourself simply going through the motions, barely caring about the work you’re producing. Needless to say, you’re totally uninspired, and you don’t know how to make yourself feel otherwise.

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"Want more from life? Looking for answers? How to Do the Work will teach you how to find them within yourself. A masterpiece of empowerment — this book changed my life and, trust me, it’ll change yours too."

"In her book, How to Do the Work, Dr. Nicole LePera brilliantly demystifies life-changing therapeutic principles in a way that is easy to digest. This book is a must-read for anyone on a path of personal g

"How to Do the Work is an invitation to do the work with the inner tools we all carry within ourselves. The invitation is yours if you choose to accept it. Wherever you are on your path, Dr. LePera meets you with open arms; your current level of self-mastery is the only prerequisite. This is a guide for your journey of becoming. The world needs your gifts, now more than ever."

"On the surface, Dr. LePera’s book appears to be a ‘how to’ manual, but, at its fundament, it’s a book about understanding the self. For it is only when we deeply understand that we’re able to heal."

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Lisa Healey Dr. Nicole LePera is a clinical psychologist with an emphasis in holistic healing (the belief/knowing that the mind and body are not separate and they…more Dr. Nicole LePera is a clinical psychologist with an emphasis in holistic healing (the belief/knowing that the mind and body are not separate and they should be treated together) with a very popular Instagram account (@the.holistic.psychologist) with over 3.5 million subscribers.(less)

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To begin, isolate a statement for inquiry. Now apply the four questions. Begin by repeating the original statement, then ask yourself each question. This Work is a meditation practice. It’s like diving into yourself. Contemplate the questions, one at a time. Drop into the depths of yourself, listen, and wait. The answer will meet your question.

The Four Questions

The answer to the first two questions is just one syllable: either yes or no. Be still and find your honest yes or no as it arises to meet the question. If your answer shows up as a yes, move to question two. If it’s no, then experience that no for a moment and then move to question three.

If your answer to question one is yes, ask yourself: “Can I absolutely know that it’s true?” Take this opportunity to look again. Shine the flashlight on that moment in time again, and see what reveals itself to you.

Close your eyes and witness the feelings, body sensations, and behaviors that arise when you believe that thought. Notice and report the answers to any of the following:

Closing your eyes, return to the situation. Take a moment to reflect, observe, and experience the situation again, this time without the thought. Who or what you would be without the thought? How would you see or feel about the other person? Drop all of your judgments. Notice what is revealed.

If you answer the questions superficially with the thinking mind, the process will leave you feeling disconnected. Try asking the question and going deeper. You may have to ask the question a few times to stay focused, but as you practice this, an answer will slowly arise. When the answer comes from inside you, the realizations and shifts follow naturally.

Is it true?

As you consider the situation again, ask yourself, “Is it true that Paul doesn’t listen to me?” Be still. If you really want to know the truth, the honest yes or no from within will rise to meet the question as you recall that situation in your mind’s eye. Let the mind ask the question, and wait for the answer that surfaces. (The answer to the first two questions is just one syllable long; it’s either yes or no. Notice if you experience any defense as you answer. If your answer includes “because . . .” or “but . . . ,” this is not the one-syllable answer you are looking for, and you’re no longer doing The Work. You’re looking for freedom outside yourself. I’m inviting you into a new paradigm.)


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