One of the creations of all times that has dominated the entertainment industry is the movie industry. The level of creativity that goes into movies has grown hugely increasing the market of those interested in watching its genres. You cannot know all the films in the industry, which is why Newyorksaysthankyoumovie.com comes to you.

Plot Discussions

The backbone of any movie is its plot. This page gives you access to in-depth plot discussions of the multiple movie genres of your liking. The movies could be those with a New York setting, other parts of the United States amongst other regions of the world.

Movie Review and Ratings

Whereas this page discusses plot, you will also have access to movie reviews and ratings. Before you decide to watch half the show to know it is right for you, this page will give you a dive into the tiny details of the movie. You will get access to a full review of the movie and a rating on a scale to allow you to decide on whether to watch a given film.


Words might not be enough for you. This page gives you access a preview of a movie in question. Here you are accessing closely fit sections of the film giving you a screenshot into the theme and actions of the movie. The choice of what and whether to watch is easy thanks to newyorksaysthankyoumovie.com.

Trending Topics

The movie industry is an industry blowing with new developments. This page will fill you in on such talks giving you an understanding of the industry, those that run it as well as what to expect from the industry in the future. This page will provide you with an understanding of trends in the industry and a view into what the future holds for the industry. On this page, you will also access updates on the latest industry events from festivals to award shows.

Actor Profiles

We cannot talk about the industry and fail to talk about the significant players who include the various casts-actors, producers, directors, artists, designers, among other crewmembers. This page will profile most of these individuals.

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