Best movies about New York

New York is not only one of the best cities in the United States but one of the cities commonly used as the backdrop to many movies. The town has a beautiful appearance, amazing bridges, and buildings, beautifully designed roads, rails, and railway roads. New York continues to remain a relevant setting for most movies. Below are some of the best movies that capture the environment of New York:

Do the Right Thing

The film cast in Brooklyn involves an intense argument in a pizza parlor that ends up with racial tension and further tragedy. The movie has remained relevant for a long time given that issues of race and police brutality continue to exist. The New York City-based movie has several awards to its names and continues to rank as one of the best in the US and wide.


If you are in New York, then a Woody Allen film must make the list of the best movie about New York. Manhattan is a romantic cum comedy-drama that talks about finding love and happiness in a city that makes everything appear possible.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This movie is one of the best Classics of New York. The film is about a town girl seeking money, love and adventure in the city of New York. The lady, Audrey Hepburn, is a neurotic, quirky, and adorable character in the film. The New York movie carries iconic fashion, inspiring people to look for Holly Golightly’s fashion inspirations.

Wall Street

New York is the home to one of the largest bourses in the world. The movie, Wall Street is about a young stockbroker in business with a tough corporate raider, Gordon Gekko. The film demonstrates what can happen when people go greedy, are tempted by money, and use power big enough than they can handle. The movie is the predecessor of sequel the Wall Street of 2010.

New York, I love you

The city of New York has a population going over 8 million. It is normal to expect that there are stories that will emerge from such a population, the film New York, I Love You is a combo of 11 of those stories with an actor for every liking. The movie allows you to get a feel of the city and seeks to influences you to visit the city or return home.

When Harry Met Sally

The movie asks the question of whether women and men can be just friends. The film allows viewers to assess their romantic and friendly relations. The actors Harry and Sally have kept meeting in various neighborhoods only as friends and share the same meals in places like Katz’s Deli.

Die Hard With Vengeance

This is the third action movie of the Die Hard Series. Acted by Bruce Willis, the film focuses entirely on everything New York. Willis, a drunk man that has separated with the wife and works against an evil Simon, a German who likes riddles and blow things.

The above makes the list of some of the best movies about New York. Whereas the film focus on the script, they have done an excellent job exposing the beauty of New York.